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August 2010:

BANNER LINKS WILL NOT WORK YET !  please be patient

Switched from Arvixe to Bluehost for a number of reasons and am only now getting my domain (website and email) up and running again.  Also I may cease operations as a bead business but I need to contemplate the tax and legal implications because I want to keep my lizziewriter tag and continue to write.  If anyone does small crafting and writing, or similar, on a small scale, and has free advice (I am in New York state) I'm all ears.

Also as some of you may know I use Nvu to make my website, and it's not perfect but I want to use open source software.  I crash it a lot and have trouble with formatting (learning on the fly).  If you use Nvu and have advice, see above.  Or if you use Open Office and it works or doesn't work... I was thinking to try using OO but so far Nvu seems better than OO for this purpose.

And of course there is the little matter of being diagnosed this summer with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I guess that explains why I've been so tired these past few years.  And you thought it was just because I stayed up too late and drank too much coffee!

Danbury Mineralogical Society
(link should REALLY now be fixed!)

Annual DMS Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show is Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12, at the New Milford High School (CT). 

January 2008:  Silky and Yasha have found some cool new books -- you can't buy theirs but you can see them here and go find your own.

My poems, "Hiraeth" and "Cannot Translate" are up on the Strictly Lit page, along with a few other formerly newish bits.   Also a short essay about Trinity Sunday and the [Episcopal] Book of Common Prayer can be found here.  I'd like to write more about my church and related topics.  I think I need to write a summary paragraph for the essay though!

(Now and then I do get my act together and write for publication, both the paid kind and the free kind. I've been paid for poems and non-fiction, and hope to repeat the experience. And of course, I want to continue work on the novel manuscripts that I've had in process for 20-odd years.)  

 Kish Scheherezade has her own page under the CissyBJD section. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has one (I have since sold mine, and gotten a Cissy Equestrian which I've wanted for a while). Kish  Star Maiden is gorgeous too..  

I have added a Nekkid Doll Comparison Photos page which is not yet in the header.  

Please have a look around the site.

You can email me at lizzie(at)lizziewriter.com  or lizziewriter@optonline.net
with any special jewelry requests,
or just to chat. 

I have finally started a page about the Starshine dolls -- by which I mean the 18" Gotz dolls customized 
to represent various Native American peoples.  
Slowly, slowly, I am gathering data, and honest and truly I do hope to get an article into print about them.
Please email me if you have a Starshine, or have had one, or know anything about them, 
or would just like to email about them... ;-).  

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Hi, I'm Lizzie,

or Elizabeth Ruth Apgar Triano.  

I use quality sterling or gold-filled hardware, genuine gemstones, pearls, and crystal, as well as lots of interesting pendants.  Most pieces are OOAK, although sometimes I will make a few that are similar.

Please see the links at the top of this page for the main categories on my website. There are links on most pages, including this one, if you scroll down, and there are generally “return to top” buttons as well. Thank you for visiting!



"Begone, thou foul Undead Beast!"




Mensa Foundation

amazon.com USA

GAIA: Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance

Heifer International

Girls, Inc.

Get Firefox!



updated 14 August 2010

More useful links.  Some are NY-specific.

New York State Insurance Fund  Here you can get Workers Compensation and related policies.  

Open Office   A free, open-source suite of applications!  Highly recommended !!

Lavasoft  Home of the useful anti-spyware utility Ad-Aware, both free and paid versions.

Please feel free to email me with useful links for the independent businessperson.  Open-source software and state or educational agencies especially welcome.